How do we work?

I will suggest professional solutions to maximize the not so well optimized spaces either in your home or office. CasasEnOrden works closely with you to involve you in all the decisions relating any changes so you feel at peace and before anything is implemented it would first need to be approved by you.

CasasEnOrden working method:

Step 1<br />Initial Contact 1

Step 1
Initial Contact

We have an initial phone consultation and get acquainted with the situation and get to know you better.

Step 2<br />On-site assessment2

Step 2
On-site assessment

We meet at the place where our services are needed.
We check it and estimate the time needed to perform the transformation.

Step 3<br />Estimate3

Step 3

At this point we will have all the necessary information to draft a first estimate and we can then decide on the delivery dates.
This service costs 30€ that will be discounted from the final price.

Step 4<br />Delivery of the estimate4

Step 4
Delivery of the estimate

In the estimate you will receive, everything will be carefully explained to the smallest detail especially when additional services are included such as furniture shopping and installation or any other additional services. We will also include a maintenance service proposal.

Step 5<br />Agreement and initial payment5

Step 5
Agreement and initial payment

Once the estimate is approved (signed), you will need to pay 35% of the total cost. (before services are rendered)

Step 6<br />Project development6

Step 6
Project development

On the agreed date we’ll get to your office/home and will start working.

Step 7<br />Project ending7

Step 7
Project ending

Once we are finished, we will review the project with you to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Step 8<br />Final payment8

Step 8
Final payment

The client will pay the remaining 65% of the total amount. The 30 EUR Consultation deposit will be discounted of the final payment.

In the event that the purchase of furniture is needed, you can buy it yourself and deliver it on the due date or CasasEnOrden could do it all provided you have approved the purchase and paid us for it. This service has an additional cost of 50 €

CasasEnOrden commitment:

We guarantee

  • That solutions will be tailor-made for you.
  • That there will be the utmost respect for your needs, personal tastes and lifestyle.
  • The service is absolutely confidential.
  • We will work together with you along the whole project and we will help you wholeheartedly with any of the changes.

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