Who are we?

I am an expert in organization and order. My goal as a professional organizer is increasing your quality of life both at home and in your office, so that more orderly, practical, friendly, functional spaces are developed. This way you can devote your free time to those activities you enjoy the most.

As a professional organizer I will work along with you to make sure your personal taste regarding decoration and lifestyle are respected both at home and at the office. This will allow you to enjoy your home, office and leisure time.

CasasEnOrden team:

Zenobia Sáinz

Professional Organizer

My family and friends call me on any occasion to help them to organize their homes. I realized that I am a professional organizer by vocation. After extensive experience in the IT world within different companies and after becoming a mother I’m used to manage resources like home spaces and (home) offices efficiently. Therefore I decided to dedicate my life to my family, as well as to my passion which is professional organization.
I am a professional organizer by vocation

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